10 Beginner Passive Income Ideas to Make Money In 2023

We all want to earn money but don’t want to work for it. While it sounds dumb and lazy, it is actually super smart. There are various ways you can earn money while not having to work for it. This concept is called passive income. In this article, we will highlight different beginner passive income ideas to assist you in making money without working. So, let’s dive in!

What is Passive Income and Its Impact on Wealth?

passive income

Passive income is defined as making money while you sleep. People perceive it to be an income that you receive without working for it. However, there is more to it than just that. If it was that easy, we would see people everywhere with bundles of cash.

If you have earned enough money, you can make beginner passive income from buying assets like an Airbnb rental property, investing in a stock market portfolio, and much more. It has a great impact on your wealth as it helps you build a huge fortune that you can enjoy whenever you want. Read this article in further depth to know about beginner passive income. Let’s get right in!

Start A Drop Shipping Store

Are you stuck with the query “How to make passive income online?” Well, one of the best ways is via a drop shipping store. Drop shipping falls under the branch of eCommerce. The key difference here is that you are selling goods that you don’t have to stock in a physical location.

The goal is to advertise and promote your products. As soon as some products begin to sell, the company you are working with will fulfill the order by delivering the product to their doorstep.

Create a Print-on-Demand Store

Amongst various ways to make passive income while working full time is by developing a print-on-demand store. In this, you can sell customized designs of different kinds of products.

It demands little to no investment. This is primarily because the printing is done after an order is received from a client. As a result, you don’t have to keep a large inventory of products with you. Whenever someone places an order, your supplier gets a signal and fulfills the demand for you.

Sell Digital Products

passive income

Amongst other worthy passive income ideas for young adults is selling digital products. Digital products are any asset or product that you cannot physically touch or feel. These include media consumables such as files that can be downloaded or streamed online. Some examples are Kindle books and PDF documents.

Selling digital products is a great online passive income idea because it gives a high-profit margin. The investment is one-time. Just create a product for once and keep on selling it to countless people. You need no storage space, either.

Teach Online Courses

If you are looking for passive income jobs from home, then this might fit your set of requirements. There has never been a simpler way to educate people than today. Whether it is finance, healthcare, or physics, if you have a good command over any particular subject, you can sell online courses.

The only investment you need is of time upfront. You need to plan, outline, and record your courses beforehand. Then simply create assets such as videos and notes for students to purchase.

Become a Blogger

beginner passive income

Writing is a skill that will never die out. As a passive income, you can start your very own blogging business. Yes, it is difficult initially, but if your content is engaging, you can definitely generate your own beginner passive income stream.

The blogging model is getting famous day by day. You don’t have to be a celebrity for people to visit your blog. You can earn passive income by simply being active on one or two platforms and directing the audience to your website.

You might have to work on the SEO and promote the product, but it’s all worth it for a potential income of upwards of $30,000.

Sell Handmade Goods

While handmade goods businesses have existed for decades, never have they ever been in such high demand. In an internet-connected world, the opportunities to create a revenue stream have become easy.

There is some investment in this model. You will have to buy some materials along with putting in the time to create stuff like miniature wooden furniture or clothes. Lastly, you will have to create an online store to showcase your products. Then you can sell them via sites like Amazon and eBay.

Run an Affiliate Marketing Business

You can start many passive income ideas with little money, but only some can compete with affiliate marketing. The main aim of this is to promote a product and sell it to an audience. The model through which you earn is commission based.

For every product that sells of the company for which you were running the affiliate program through your referral link, you will earn a percentage of it.

Sell Stock Photos Online

There are many people around the world that earn by offering photography as a service. This service includes going to weddings or similar events to shoot pictures for your clients. However, now you can earn from photography online as well.

There are various online media houses that will buy your pictures from you. Some examples are Shutterstock and Pexels. As a result, you can generate beginner passive income easily.

Invest Money In REITs

Some people don’t have a lot of capital but still, wish to pursue the real estate industry. Well, who says they can’t? With REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts), you can invest as low as $500 to invest money in real estate assets.

As soon as the price of your portfolio increases so does the value of your investment. As a result, you will soon have your own stable passive income. However, be aware of the fact that you need your own research to make sure you are investing in the right place.

Buy a Blog

Buying a blog is a great way of generating passive income. If this model is pursued the right way, it can potentially help you earn 30% returns. All you have to do is acquire an existing blog that is already doing pretty well.

Blogs usually generate income through ads and affiliate links. Every time someone visits your blog and clicks on the ad or the affiliate link, you earn some money.

Just make sure the blog you are acquiring has a good audience already, which will help generate a beginner passive income without having to do anything.


The question, “how to generate passive income with no initial funds,” is on everyone’s lips these days. As a beginner, you have various options, just like the ones listed above, to create your own passive income stream. Choose the best one as per your skill set and work hard to make it earn for you.

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